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Your Swimming Pool Expert Witness in Los Angeles

With years of demonstrated industry experience, Certified Pool Inspectors is able to provide swimming pool expert witness services throughout Los Angeles and surrounding areas. You may find yourself in need of a professional witness when swimming pool defects result in a legal course of action.This can occur when pools are not built according to codes and regulations, or if what was installed is different from the details and specifications of the contract or mistakes are made during the construction of the swimming pool. In these situations, Certified Pool Inspections offers expert witness testimony in court or arbitration. We can also act as a liaison between you, the home owner, and the pool builder.

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When brought on as an expert witness, one of our pool professionals will meet with the lawyer on the case, visit the site for the initial meeting with the client, review construction documents, contracts, change orders, insurance, and licenses. We walk through the site for a comprehensive assessment of the construction and compare what we found versus what was contracted to be built. This process allows us to determine if the construction was up to codes and building standards. We work closely with the defense/plaintiff team to present an accurate report of our findings prior to our testimony. With almost 50 years of first-hand experience with pool construction and codes, Certified Pool Inspections is your first choice for swimming pool expert witness services.

Pool Construction Defect Resolution Services

Certified Pool Inspections provides services for pool construction defect resolution across Los Angeles. A need for construction defect resolution may occur when you are concerned about possible defects in your construction project. These may have occurred due to the contractors’ lack of knowledge about swimming pool standards or gross negligence during construction. No matter what the situation is, Certified Pool Inspections can assist in a just resolution with our thorough analysis and report services. The construction defect investigation is similar to the process for our expert witness services. We apply the same diligence to generate a detailed report to determine what exactly caused the construction defect(s). We also include a workable solution to remedy it as well as a cost estimation for repair. No need to worry about your pool safety or longevity—get in touch with the experts at Certified Pool Inspections today.

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