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Swimming Pool Inspection Services for Home Buyers in Los Angeles Area


Certified Pool Inspections provides a thorough swimming pool inspection service for home buyers entering Los Angeles the region. With over 30 years of pool building and inspection experience, our team is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and has the experience needed to inform you of the condition of the pool as it relates to Standards and Practices on the day of the inspection. We founded our company with the purpose of educating owners purchasing a home with a pool or wanting to install a pool at their new property. We also intend to educate and raise the standards of the pool construction industry.

When purchasing a home in Southern California, a swimming pool should feel like an added bonus. However, before signing a mortgage, it is important for the buyer to practice due diligence and have an inspection done on the pool.

A realtor has a fiscal duty to their clients to ensure that full disclosure is met. Any potential issues with the property are required by law to be brought to the buyer’s attention before the sale. Certified Pool Inspections are inspectors—not contractors—so we provide a detailed report with solutions for existing issues. We don’t invent new problems. We personally go over issues with the buyers and realtors present at the time of the inspection.

Accurate Pool and Spa Inspections

Pool and spa inspections are important for ensuring the safety of swimmers as well as addressing the operation of the pool and its components.

Once the buyer completes the purchase, he / she is now the party responsible for the condition of the pool. Why not know ahead of time what those conditions are and if, potentially, they can be adjusted during the sale.

Most home inspectors check between five to twenty items. Our inspectors check over 200 items relating to a pool, spa, infinity edge, zero edge, pump, filter heater, etc.

Bonus Service: Are you in need of an expert witness for a swimming pool construction defect case? Certified Pool Inspections is proud to provide these services. We also consult construction for new pool and/or spa builds. Contact our team to schedule an inspection today.

Providing Thorough Pool Inspections for Over 30 Years