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Swimming Pool Expert Witness in Los Angeles

Swimming pools are a common feature in the lives of many people in Los Angeles and around the US.

These days, people often have them where they live, work, and play. Pools provide opportunities for exercise and fun, but unfortunately, they can also be the center of litigation over financial frustration, injury, and even death.

When a pool is a component to an injury or tragedy — whether it’s yours or someone else’s — you need a swimming pool expert witness to help with pool litigation consulting. The technicians here at Certified Pool Inspections in Los Angeles have decades of experience with swimming pools, from construction to maintenance. We put the experience and knowledge to work for you if you have a conflict with a contractor or if property damage occurred or someone has been injured in or around a pool.

What is a Swimming Pool Expert Witness?

In general, an expert witness is someone whose level of education, experience, skills, or certifications are of a level to be accepted as an expert by a judge. Experts can be found in all fields of study and industry, and can be called upon to consult on cases (including criminal and civil cases) involving construction or maintenance malpractice or even wrongful injury or death.

A swimming pool construction expert witness in Los Angeles would therefore be someone with a high level of education, experience, skill, or certification related to swimming pools, be they in residential, commercial, or communal settings.

Most often our Los Angeles swimming pool expert witnesses are called upon to provide information that is relevant to a particular lawsuit involving a pool. Cases like these arise when a contractor fails to correctly provide services or perform up to industry, expected or promised standards, or in unfortunate cases where someone is injured or killed around a swimming pool. Regardless of the type of case you’re facing, our experts can help.

Our Process

When brought on as an expert witness, one of our pool professionals will meet with you and your lawyer at the site in question to get to know you and the details of the case. If your case involves a contract dispute, we will then review construction documents, contracts, change orders, insurance, and licenses. We walk through the site for a comprehensive assessment of the construction and compare what we found versus what was promised in the contract.

This process allows us to determine if the construction was up to codes and building standards. If your case is one of wrongful injury or death, we will thoroughly inspect the pool and surrounding location to determine if the proper construction and maintenance codes were followed and if current safety standards were met. Throughout our work with you on your case, we will collaborate closely with your legal team to present an accurate report of our findings prior to our testimony.

Defect Resolution Services

Certified Pool Inspections provides services for pool construction defect resolution in Los Angeles. If you’re concerned about possible defects in your construction project, you probably need construction defect resolution.

The defects may have occurred due to the contractors’ lack of knowledge about swimming pool standards or gross negligence during construction. Regardless of the situation, Certified Pool Inspections can assist in a just resolution with our thorough analysis and report services.

The construction defect investigation is similar to the process for our expert witness services. We apply the same diligence to generate a detailed report to determine what may have caused the construction defects, and we provide a workable solution to remedy the problems, including a trustworthy cost estimate for repair. There’s no need for you to worry about your new pool’s safety or longevity — get in touch with our experts at Certified Pool Inspections today.

Meet our Experts

Mike Shaw founder of Certified Pool Inspections

Mike Shaw

Certified Pool Inspections founder Mike Shaw has more than 50 years of professional experience working with swimming pools. He studied civil engineering at Cal-Poly Technical University and became a swimming pool contractor in 1978.

Since then, he has inspected, built, remodeled, or repaired close to 10,000 swimming pools. They range from more typical residential pools to Olympic-sized pools for health clubs and government agencies to a rooftop pool on the 32nd floor of a downtown Los Angeles hotel. He has installed pools in rocky and sandy conditions and even on hillsides.

Mike continues his swimming pool-related education by taking classes in hydraulics, electrical, soils, and other material and equipment related to the pool industry. Mike has been a part of a team of pool contractors hired by the State of California, Department of Consumer Affairs, Contracting Division to develop a new certification exam for swimming pool contractors.

Mike has been a professional witness for many law firms in the last 20 years. He has given testimony for clients in court as well as in arbitrations for both plaintiff and defense.

Kari Shaw founder of certified pool inspections

Kari Shaw

Certified Pool Inspections co-founder Kari Shaw has over 25 years of experience in the pool industry. During her time at Certified Pool Inspections, she has performed every job from answering phones to sales manager to President and pool inspector.

Kari is currently the only female pool inspector in California. She has amassed her extensive knowledge by running the construction office, managing crews alongside her partner/husband Mike, being a sales manager, and inspecting pools herself. Now, she assists Mike in preparing his expert testimony and contributes with extensive research over and above the codes and standards that need to be addressed.

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