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Swimming Pool Construction Consultants in Los Angeles

Are you planning to add a swimming pool in your backyard or commercial property?

We’re excited for you! Whether you plan to build a pool for exercise, relaxation, spending time with family and friends, or improving the value of your home or business, we know you will love it. That’s why we’re committed to helping you get the maximum possible benefit from your pool!

At Certified Pool Inspections we are the leading swimming pool construction consultants Los Angeles has the offer, we’ve been working with pools for almost 50 years and we are the experts you want. We will consult the planning of pool construction, quality assurance, or simply be a second opinion. Our extensive experience in swimming pool construction gives you the bonus of a contractor who has worked in a wide variety of backyard situations and pool designs to make sure you get what you want. Regardless of whether the pools are in residential, commercial, or community settings, We Know Pools!

What is a Swimming Pool Construction Consultant?

In general, you want to hire a Swimming Pool Construction Consultant in Los Angeles to help plan any swimming pool project. We strive to make sure the contractor you hire is someone whose experience, skills, and certifications are excellent. We make sure they’ve covered the necessary details to complete the project in a timely and economical manner.

Most often, Swimming Pool Construction Consultants are called upon to provide additional information, quality assurance, and expertise that is relevant to a particular pool project. They can also be consulted to provide a second opinion and double-check to make sure swimming pool plans are accurate and industry-compliant.

Reasons for Hiring a Swimming Pool Construction Consultant

When you’re planning to install a pool, many issues can arise. For one, installing a pool costs a lot of money, creates confusion in the backyard with dust and noise, and takes time. You’ll want to be wise in your purchase and get the most for your resources. Different pool settings — residential, commercial, valley, hillside, top of a building — all have different needs and requirements, and not every contractor knows them all.

Reasons for hiring a swimming pool construction consultant:

  1. Research contractor and their history
  2. Verify plans and the contract match
  3. Ensure contractor includes all the basics and calls out the extras ahead of time
  4. Verify progress of construction is to code and standard
  5. Looks out for both parties and provides solutions to problems should they arise

Our Consultation Process

When brought on as a Swimming Pool Construction Consultant, one of our pool professionals will meet with you at the site to get to know you and the details of the project.

We review construction documents, contracts, insurance, and licenses. We walk through the site for a comprehensive assessment of the construction project and compare any existing plans to ensure the details match the physical conditions of the yard. At key points during the construction, we can assess the progress and make any corrections in writing that can then go to the builder. We aren’t there to criticize, but rather to offer corrections that you may not know to bring up to the builder.

Throughout our work with you on your project, we will always be on time, thorough, and detailed. You can trust us to be honest in our analysis because we are not involved in the construction work itself, and we will always be transparent in the reasoning for our recommendations. Our goal is to ensure the contractor delivers what they promise and where both parties win in the process. Our purpose for consulting and inspecting pools is to raise the standard in the pool industry.

Meet Our Founders

Mike Shaw founder of Certified Pool Inspections

Mike Shaw

Mike Shaw has nearly 50 years of first-hand professional experience building and working with swimming pools. He studied civil engineering at Cal-Poly Technical University and became a swimming pool contractor in 1978. Since then, he has inspected, built, remodeled, or repaired, consulted the building of, been a construction defect expert witness for over 9,000 swimming pools. Through all of it, he has become an expert and industry leader in code compliance and safety regulations.

kari Shaw founder of Certified Pool Inspections

Kari Shaw

Kari Shaw, Mike’s wife and business partner, is an integral part of making Certified Pool Inspections, Inc. the successful company it is today. Kari has been involved in the pool business for over 25 years. She has inspected swimming pools herself for the past 15 years, utilizing her experience of selling the pool construction for the builder, generating plans for permits, researching codes and standards to bring the most comprehensive swimming pool inspection report out there.

Mike, Kari, and our team at Certified Pool Inspections have the expertise and experience you need to feel confident your pool project will be a success.

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Our Customers Know: We Know Pools!

As pool builder and inspection professionals, we are proud of the results we deliver to our clients. We would like to share some some kind words from our happy customers.

Certified Pool Inspections Customer
“If there were a way to rate them at higher than 5 stars I would do it, and I never take the time to post ratings.”Luann B.
Certified Pool Inspections Customer
“David did a great job. They caught some problems I would not have been aware of and were able to save my clients money.” Roston T.
Certified Pool Inspections Customer
“Excellent service; knowledgeable, professional, and extremely thorough pool inspection. Great service!”Tom E.

Certified Pool Inspections offers expert Swimming Pool Inspection services for homebuyers in the Los Angeles region and beyond. We have the know-how needed to report the condition of the pool as it relates to standards and practices on the day of the inspection. Contact us today to set up an appointment to get your pool inspected by professionals who KNOW POOLS!

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