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Panel Clearance: 30" x 36" clear space in front of an electrical panel to enable work on the panel to be done safely. (NEC Electrical Code: Sec. 110.26(a)(1))

Equipment Clearances: Pump* - 6" at back of pump. Anti-Cavitation: Minimum of 5 times pipe diameter or 10" of straight pipe at inlet of circulation pump.

Filter: 6" circumference.

Heater: 18" - 24" front, 6" sides.

California Title 24: "Each Auxiliary pool load shall be served by either separate pumps or the system shall be served by a mulit-speed pump and EXCEPTION to Section 150(p) 1E: Pumps if less than 1 hp may be single phase.

Deep End Egress (Exit): A means of entry/exit shall be provided in the deep area of the pool if the water depth is 5 feet or greater. (ANSI/NSPI Article VI 6.1.2)

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