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Certified Pool Inspections Definitions of Pool Components

Circulation Pump: A pump which draws water from the pool and moves it through the system.

Filter: A mechanism which filters out particles from the water, sending clean water back to the pool.

Heater: A unit which heats the water, usually via natural gas, before it is sent back to the pool / spa.

Returns: The outlets at the side or bottom of a pool /spa where the water returns after cleaning and heating.

Skimmer: The major suction to the pump. Skims off surface debris. Key component to circulation.

Bonding: Tying all metal within the pool (and around by 5') to all the electrical components of the pool.

Grounding: An electrical wire tied to an electrical component which guides excess electricity to go into the ground.

Spa: An isolated body of water in addition to the pool, which can be heated to a higher temperature.

Booster / Jet Pump: A separate pump that draws and returns spa water to the jets only.

Jets: A small orifice of high velocity water which draws in air for a massaging effect.

Bond Beam: A beam of steel and concrete at the top of the pool structure which bonds the perimeter structurally.

Anti-Siphon: A device that prevents chlorinated water from siphoning back into the water source of the house.

Fill: A means to add water to the pool. Can be via hose, a fill line or an auto fill with float valve or sensor wire.

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