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Commercial Pool Inspections in Los Angeles

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Swimming pools are a central feature for thousands of businesses and communities in the Los Angeles area. They can be found everywhere from hotels to colleges, spas to parks, in neighborhood recreation centers, and more. No matter the type of commercial business you have, if you have a pool, it’s vital that you make sure it is always in peak condition for your guests or members.

At Certified Pool Inspections, we have over 25 years of first hand experience in pool inspection and over 50 years of pool construction — we have worked in an extensive variety of situations. Is your pool a centerpiece for an exclusive club? Is it in the center of a relaxing spa? On the top floor of a downtown hotel? Regardless of the setting, we have the experience to evaluate the state of the swimming pool on site and help you understand what needs to be done to keep it in top condition. Certified Pool Inspections is your number one choice when you need a commercial pool inspection in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. With more than 50 years of experience in the swimming pool business — We Know Pools!

What is a Pool Inspection?

Our Los Angeles commercial pool inspection is a non-invasive process that allows us to accurately assess the condition of the swimming pool on the property. During our inspection, we’ll examine everything from the mechanical and electrical components of the pool to a physical testing of the tile, a visual inspection of the plaster, and other key components. We’ll take an up-close and personal look at every aspect of your pool that keeps it functioning, safe, and beautiful.

Reasons to Hire Us For a Pool Inspection

The issues that can cause your pool to perform below expectations are numerous. Some of the causes are the result of natural processes, while others may be caused by incorrect installation or malfunctioning equipment, or simply by wear and tear that occurs inherently with the continual use of the equipment.

For example, when the pool is used a lot, the sanitation and cleaning features are working overtime. The pool equipment area is not a place one wants to visit regularly but rely on others to make sure it’s running and being maintained properly. Issues can also arise because the pool was built in the past when construction codes were different and not up to today’s standards. We can assist in what those different standards are now and how they affect your pool and pool use.

The founder of Certified Pool Inspections, Inc., Mike Shaw, has close to 50 years of professional experience working with swimming pools. He studied civil engineering at Cal-Poly Technical University and became a swimming pool contractor in 1978. He has inspected, built, remodeled, or repaired well over 9,000 swimming pools.

His list of accomplishments includes multiple rooftop pools, remodeling an Olympic-sized pool for the City of Santa Monica, updating Los Angeles Air Force Base pool, and numerous projects for health clubs, hotels, apartment complexes, and condominiums. Through all of it, he has become an expert and industry leader in code compliance and safety regulations for the construction of swimming pools.

Pool Inspection Checklist

During your commercial pool inspection Los Angeles pool experts from CPI look at over 200 items. Other inspection services typically check between 10 to 20 items. Our report includes items such as:

  • Automatic Controls
  • Chlorine Generators
  • Circulation system
  • Coping
  • Deck
  • Filter
  • Finishes
  • Heater
  • Jump/Diving Board
  • Ladders and Grab Rails
  • Time Clock
  • Lights and GFCIs
  • Pumps
  • Skimmers or Scum Gutters
  • Tile, Depth Markers, Deck Markers

While other companies will shape their assessments in the expectation that you’ll hire them to make the repairs they recommend, we inspect the pools but don’t do repairs. There’s no vested interest with CPI, so you can trust our experts to be honest and accurate in their reports and conversations with you.

Your Pool Inspection Report

Our service includes a complete custom pool inspection report. In it, we’ll point out the items needing attention, provide photos and codes, outline the anticipated costs for repairs or replacements to give you a direction of budgeting and performance. The repairs we recommend are based on existing codes, laws, and industry-wide Standards and Practices. Therefore any sub-standard conditions which exist at the pool we inspect, they are included to help you know what to do to bring the pool up to code. This makes sure the pool inspection report eliminates fabricated problems and removes hidden costs from the equation.

Because we approach the inspection through the lens of an inspector and not a contractor, you can have complete faith that our professional recommendations are trustworthy and unbiased. A hallmark of our service is we take the time to educate you on swimming pools and what it takes to keep your system running smoothly. Upon request, we can provide additional tools and information for pool maintenance as required by the Health Department. We answer any questions you have about the swimming pool and spa. We want you to understand and know your pool too!

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Certified Pool Inspections Customer
“David did a great job. They caught some problems I would not have been aware of and were able to save my clients money.” Roston T.
Certified Pool Inspections Customer
“Excellent service; knowledgeable, professional, and extremely thorough pool inspection. Great service!”Tom E.

Certified Pool Inspections offers expert Swimming Pool Inspection services for homebuyers in the Los Angeles region and beyond. We have the know-how needed to report the condition of the pool as it relates to standards and practices on the day of the inspection. Contact us today to set up an appointment to get your pool inspected by professionals who KNOW POOLS!

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