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Mike Shaw, Senior Inspector, has been a licensed pool contractor since 1978. He formed a corporation in 1994 in Los Angeles. He has personally inspected, built, remodeled and repaired over 8,000 swimming pools. His experience provides the knowledge and details included in his observations and reporting of the pools he is inspecting. And his knowledge and standards have been adopted by the additional inspectors in the company.

Our detailed report lets the new owners know if the pool is of high quality or has code or construction issues that can make it seem less than a perfect swimming pool and we offer solutions and anticipated costs for the problems noted, based on codes and building standards and practices. All our experience adds up to confidence the new buyer has in CPI’s services and the knowledge that they have all the facts about the pool we inspect for them.

 About Certified Pool Inspections

Our Goal

Our goal is to raise the standard of the professional pool builder by ensuring quality work based on standards and practices and building codes is followed. Our aim is to educate home buyers as well as those in the field – we give pool education seminars to builders, pool service companies as well as the Real Estate industry. Our aim is to educate the public about pools, their structure, filtration systems, the equipment and its operation.

In the final analysis, the result would be an educated pool owner with a high quality swimming pool utilizing building standards and practices with energy efficient systems. And a swimming pool experience to share with friends and family for years to come.

Mike Shaw’s Recognition as an Industry Leader:

Mike has been hired many times by the State of California as an industry expert to modernize the entry exam for new swimming pool contractor applicants. Mike has been hired as a professional witness for many clients who ended up with disputes between their contractor and the final result of the construction.

He has performed construction forensics for home owners, lawyers and professionals. He reviews the written details of the contract as well as performs meticulous site visits to verify or refute what was installed.

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